Khalil Smith


The theory?  An M.B.A with dual concentrations in Leadership and Strategy from UNC- Chapel Hill. 


The practice?  Over 20 years of real-world business experience.  That includes over 14 years at Apple Inc., the world's most admired brand, leading a global team of training professionals.


Put theory and practice together and you've got a peek into what makes Khalil tick.  


Khalil spent his early career learning everything he could about leadership, leaders, and business, and then realized that 'leadership for leaders' is myopic.


Why focus on teaching only leaders when you can change the world by including everyone?  

So Khalil left behind an amazing company and a great job to build something special; a consultancy built on teaching and empowering all of us to lead from wherever we stand.

Khalil believes that social skills, particularly those having to do with working in mid to large groups, will continue to rise in importance, and in fact will become a significant differentiator between businesses that succeed, and those that don’t. That means focusing all your efforts on the top tier of formal leadership is misguided.  Personal accountability is infectious (in a good way). 

Khalil lives in Raleigh, NC, with Sandra, (his wife, high-school sweetheart, and love of his life), and his two amazing sons, Kevyn and Connor.