We offer ​sessions that are custom built around two variables; the intent and the group.

[the intent]

Working Sessions: 


Working sessions are about getting stuff done.  The primary focus is on diagnosis and action.  Want to get to the root of the situation, and affect change quickly and deliberately? A working session is for you.

Education Sessions:  


Education sessions drive proactive learning.  These sessions deal in preparation and prevention.  We add tools to your toolbox, before you need them.  “Success depends upon previous preparation.” ― Confucius (smart guy)

[the group]

Intact Teams: 


Intact teams are, well, intact.  They’re the whole group, together, at once, hearing the same things, learning together, bonding, and figuring some stuff out.  It’s team-building in the productive sense of the phrase.

Mixed Group: 


Mixed group sessions include groups from across your business.  Mixed Group Sessions are a great way to cross-pollinate your organization, strengthen relationships across functions, and create internal networking opportunities, all while getting work done; a win-win-win-win.

[the experience]

Our experiences are more like a smoky jazz jam session than a black tie opera.  


More like a small club improv than a Broadway play.

We're informal yet focused.  Because we learn best when our defenses are down.

We cater to you, which means no two sessions are exactly the same.

And with a focus on personal accountability, everyone participates; no sideline observers.

[the sessions]

[ Group Dynamics ]

In this session participants learn about critical elements of group dynamics, and gain a baseline understanding of what makes groups successful, where they stumble, and what you can do about it.

[ Feedback + Conflict ]

We focus on understanding the science and art of giving and receiving feedback.  This session also covers turning conflict into a productive part of your business; something to be harnessed rather than avoided.

[ Intentional Inclusion ]

We cover the benefits of intentional inclusion, going beyond race and gender. We explore the science behind positive diversity, and develop strategies to get the most out of groups.

[ Decision Making + Power ]

Participants are exposed to concepts and processes to evaluate group decision making.  We explore what power is, how it’s used, and how to work with your morals and the company’s culture to reach optimal decisions.

[ Goals + Performance ]

Using research in social science we explore setting realistic goals, motivating yourself and others to achieve them, and pushing for peak performance.

Group Assessment

Over a series of interactions we work with an intact team to help the group evaluate their current cohesion, identify areas of strength and opportunity, and develop goals and a plan for continued progress.

Group Review

This session is conducted after a group finishes a key project or milestone, to debrief the experience and capture lessons and learning opportunities for future projects.

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Working Session

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Education Session

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Assessment + Review

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